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AlbumsFrom a very young age, Aza has always held a strong passion for music. Today, at the centre of his musical preferences lies a deep affection for trance music. This remains a fundamental style within his DJ’ing today; nonetheless, other areas of dance music are still respected.
A significant factor in the philosophy for Aza’s musical interests derived from classical music; throughout his teenage years an appreciation for classical music matured and still exists today. Classical composers such as; Beethoven, Mozart, Albinoni, Vivaldi, Párt, Saint-Sáens, Pachelbel and Chopin all had an instantaneous and resonating appeal.

Michael Jackson was an influential icon and, particular musical appetites spawned from many of Jackson’s productions. Later tracks such as; Robert Miles – Children, DJ Quicksilver – Bellissima, BBE – Seven Days and One Week, Sash – Encore Un Fois, Yomanda – Synth and Strings and ultimately Darude’s – Sandstorm ignited a massive dance interest for Aza. Many of those special tracks have also been compiled into special, classic mixes that can be found in his mix archives.

Such an interest from these tracks lead Aza to start collecting the legendary Trance Nation and Clubbed series. These CD’s introduced him to some euphoric and big club tunes that are still respected even today; Citizen Caned – The Journey, System F – Out of the Blue, Da Hool – Meet Her at the Love Parade, Nalin and Kane – Beachball, Freefall – Skydive, Orion – See Me Here, Fragma – Toca Me, ATB – 9PM, Blank and Jones – Beyond Time and Hi- Gate – You and Me to name but a few. This kick started a crusade into the trance scene.



SoftwareAn admiration for dance music led Aza to the desire of potentially becoming a DJ. However, a key factor in his decision to take up DJ’ing came from experimenting with PC DJ software. Programmes like Atomix and VirtualDJ offered Aza an insight into the world of mixing.
A dance music collection slowly started to accumulate and an aspiration to take up mixing seriously soon developed. Despite initially producing amateur results as a novice, these programmes provided a flavour for mixing and closely simulate the DJ experience.  This led him to the decision to invest in some respectable DJ equipment and enthusiastically start to mix.

Following on from his renowned Trance Nation and Clubbed collections, Ferry Corsten and Judge Jules both became highly respected DJ’s of his. A ritualistic following of Judge Jules’ weekly radio show on Radio 1 soon developed. Throughout Aza's DJ’ing career, Judge Jules has significantly contributed by providing an introduction into a great deal trance music and styles. In addition, from being a huge fan of Judge Jules, a high regard and following for Eddie Halliwell emerged. Both DJ’s have had a immense influence on his musical tastes and mixing styles.



DecksAfter extensive research and consultation, Aza decided to invest in a set of Technics 1210 MKII turntables. His first setup was eventually bought and comprised 2 x Technics 1210 MKII, a basic mixer, headphones and approximately fifty vinyl records. The quality of the other equipment was not important to him at this stage because he needed to learn the mixing basics. Through many hours of practice and determination his mixing abilities began to improve. He discovered new techniques and skills which prompted him to advance to higher quality instruments.

CDJs MixerHe later upgraded to a pair of Sony MDR V500DJ headphones, a Gemini mixer and a set of Concorde Nightclub Stylus’s. He began to produce many mix demos using his turntables before a revolutionary transition took place.

The advent of the new CDJ’s offered many similarities to that of the traditional DJ turntables, but with a lot more dexterity. After contemplating the idea, he eventually sold his existing set up and digitised all records. Using the funds from this sale he acquired a new Pioneer DJ set up. Today his professional setup consists of 2 x Pioneer CDJ800, 1 x Pioneer DJM 600 and 1 x Sony MDR V700DJ Headphones. Pictures of all his equipment (past and present) can be seen in the gallery section.



AzaAs more and more mix recordings were produced, Aza was determined to break out from a bedroom DJ onto the club scene. After sending out a demo to a local club, he landed his first gig in Newport City Centre. However, during this time his study commitments saw him enter Cardiff University as an undergraduate.

Before arriving at Cardiff, Aza sent out a mix CD to Cardiff University’s student radio station, XPress Radio. This was picked up by the station’s manager who offered him a weekly student dance radio show. Aza also joined a club union, which saw them clubbing at many dance events. This union also set up regular house parties for its members to DJ at. Here Aza performed many different sets and was offered a gig in Cardiff’s City Centre. During his radio show tour he also gigged at the Cardiff Students Union, Solus.

As he progressed through academia, he decided to focus more on his studies and cut down on DJ commitments. Nevertheless, he continued to make mix demos and launch his own website for all DJ related achievements. As student life concluded, he has continued to produce regular mix demos in an attempt to break back out into club land. He has produced his very own bootleg, Spectrum, which received superb edits from trance producers and DJ’s; Dormouse, Noff, Briggsy and JasonB. You can download copies of these tracks by clicking here.

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