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Aza - Spectrum (Live Pioneering Mix)

A triple bootleg special featuring three popular Steve Murano remixes; Snap! vs Plaything - Do You See The Light, Dark Monks - Insane and VPL - T Break. A bouncy and energetic track that seamlessly combines these great tunes into a great tool for trance DJ sets. Feel free to download the tunes, however feedback of any kind is always appreciated.

Many thanks to Dormouse, Noff, Briggsy and Jason B for all of their superb edits, which you can download below:

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- Aza - Spectrum (Live Pioneering Mix Dormouse Edit)

- Aza - Spectrum (Live Pioneering Mix Noff Edit)

- Aza - Spectrum (Live Pioneering Mix Briggsy Edit)

- Aza - Spectrum (Live Pioneering Mix Hash Industries Shot Away Editage)

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